Sunday, September 23, 2012


It was simply an incredible day. With 2-300 in attendance, the weather was spectacular, the choir melodious and the speakers enlightening.  The message was simply inspirational.
The photos here are by John Hennessy his full story is linked below.

I know many of you were there in spirit despite not being able to be with us in body; but much will reverberate from these short three hours of commemoration. Including the plans to repeat and expand the event next year. Go ahead and mark your calendars for Saturday August 17, 2013.

Several of us had difficulty leaving the site after all was over and fooled no one by declaring we were cleaning up.  I made it home about 3 and put my feet up for a cat nap. I awoke at 5:30.
I have found myself reliving each and every moment in supreme joy and thinking of ways to further this remarkable story.  Yep, already working on a couple and will keep you posted.

Take a minute or two and check these sites for the current postings, photos and articles.  Then send all far and wide to your email list, Facebook, etc.  I will post more as they appear.

Until we meet again, be well. 



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