The River Bank Choir, so named by its director Dr. Ellsworth Weaver, will be a significant component of the "Crossing the Rappahannock: A Pilgrimage to Freedom" event: an extraordinary experience for the listeners and singers alike.

Do you think you would like to add your voice? Someone asked me, "do you have to be really talented?" The answer is if your voice is strong and your heart dedicated to the recognition and celebration of this symbolic event, then you possess all the talent required.

There will be no practice and all music will be performed acappella. Dr. Weaver will provide all singers with a list of the selected hymns and will direct the choir on site.  It will be truly glorious!

If you would like to join the River Bank Choir, please contact

Dr. Ellsworth Weaver, Th.D. at or 540-270-5969


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